How Does This Store Work?

Welcome to the first ever Loyola NIL Store. 

You are part of a new chapter in sports history!

This store was especially built for your Loyola Student-Athletes. Each athlete will make anywhere from $6-$15 per item sold on the store. This store is different than any other NIL store because we firmly believe athletes should share in the profits instead of only earning a small percentage. Our goal is to bring your favorite Loyola Rambler gear to you while always keeping the athletes top of mind.

  • Just the Start

    We'll be regularly rolling out brand new products to support your UConn Student-Athletes. Be sure to check back often for specialty items and new merchandise. Follow us on social, join our newsletter, and support your Huskies!

  • Limited Releases

    Athletes have the opportunity for exclusive limited merchandise. Our artists work with athletes to make original merch for their fans. Be sure to follow your favorite athletes to be notified of limited drops!

  • Real Money

    It's a new era in collegiate athletics and we believe that our student-athletes should have agency in how their name, image, and likeness is used. We pay our athletes in real time and let them have a say in their earnings. No small percentages.


How is this different?

Our Athletes share profits instead of small percentages. Our approach allows athletes to collaborate while our team does the heavy lifting. Your sport and your schooling are your #1 priority, not running a store. We think beyond the t-shirt and put our athletes first.

How do athletes make money?

Our athletes make money on each transaction. They make anywhere from 8$-15$ per item sold.

Does this cost the athlete?

No. We have built this platform for every athlete in every sport and it is 100% free for them.

Will there be more products added?

Yes! Throughout the year we will be adding more products. Be sure to check back frequently. Follow your favorite athletes and this store on social.